Robotic Accuracy

Robotic Accuracy

Computer-Assisted Mapping

The ARTAS robotic system is designed to offer high precision and accuracy in hair transplantation procedures. It uses advanced technology to assist surgeons in harvesting and transplanting hair follicles with great precision. Here are some key points regarding the accuracy of the ARTAS robotic system:

1. Robotic Precision: The ARTAS system employs robotic arms equipped with sophisticated imaging and mapping technology. These robotic arms are capable of identifying and selecting individual hair follicles for extraction with extreme precision.

2. Computer-Assisted Mapping: Before the procedure, the patient’s scalp is digitally mapped to create a detailed 3D model. This map allows the ARTAS robot to identify and select the best donor follicles for extraction while avoiding areas where hair should not be harvested.

3. Minimized Human Error: The robotic system reduces the risk of human error that can occur with manual follicular unit extraction (FUE) methods. It can consistently and accurately select and harvest hair follicles, leading to a higher quality graft and improved overall results.

4. Real-time Adjustments: While the robotic system is performing the hair follicle extraction, the surgeon can make real-time adjustments and intervene if necessary to ensure the procedure’s accuracy and meet the patient’s specific goals.

5. Consistent Depth and Angle: The ARTAS system maintains a consistent depth and angle during the harvesting process, helping to prevent damage to the extracted follicles and the donor area.

6. Faster Procedure: The precision of the ARTAS robot often leads to a faster procedure compared to manual FUE methods, as it can extract grafts more efficiently.

7. Improved Graft Survival: The accuracy of the ARTAS system contributes to the survival and growth of transplanted hair grafts, which is crucial for achieving natural-looking results.

It’s important to note that while the ARTAS robotic system offers significant advantages in terms of precision and accuracy, the overall success of a hair transplant procedure also depends on other factors, including the surgeon’s skill and experience, as well as the patient’s suitability for the procedure. Therefore, choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon who is proficient in using the ARTAS system is essential for achieving the best possible results. Patients should also have a thorough consultation to discuss their specific goals and expectations for the procedure.